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fmc-adc-400k18b4cha-iso - fmc-adc-400k18b4cha-iso

Subject: fmc-adc-400k18b4cha-iso

Description: Fmc-adc-iso-400k18b4cha is a 4 channel 400kSps 18 bit ADC low pin count FPGA Mezzanine Card (VITA 57). The ground reference used for the analog inputs and the ADC is isolated from the ground reference of the FMC connector. Digital Isolators included allow the data transmission between two isolated areas. Voltage Bias between two grounds of up to 1kV can be applied, which is measured with a 100MOhm resistor connected between two grounds and an additional 10 bit ADC. Analog input voltage ranges: +/-5V, +/-10V.
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