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fmc-pci-carrier - FMC PCI Carrier

Subject: FMC PCI Carrier

Description: The FMC PCIe Carrier is the first module of the FMC Standard Kit. The FMC Standard Kit aims at providing low cost modular hardware based on the FMC standard (ANSI/VITA 57). VITA 57 defines a flexible interface between an FPGA mounted on a carrier and an IO mezzanine. Carriers can be based on AMC, cPCI, VME or PCIe and can contain from 1 up to 3 mezzanines in a 6U form factor. The carriers will also accept long non standard FMCs.

White Rabbit will be supported by the FMC Standard Kit carriers. See "WhiteRabbit":/projects/show/white-rabbit

The FMC Standard Kit will include in its first phase:

* Low cost FPGA PCIe FMC carrier
* Low cost FPGA VME FMC carrier
* High Precision Time to Digital Converter (HPTDC) FMC
* Fine delay generator FMC

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