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icalepcs2015-foss-eda - ICALEPCS 2015 FOSS EDA Workshop

Subject: ICALEPCS 2015 FOSS EDA Workshop

Description: This mailing list has been created to discuss about the organization of the ICALEPCS 2015 FOSS EDA Workshop ( Its purpose is to get feedback from attendees to make the workshop as interesting and pleasurable as possible, and it is not intended to remain alive after the workshop.

This mailing list's address is:

The subscription / unsubscription email address is:
In order to unsubscribe, please send an empty email to that address containing the header: unsubscribe icalepcs2015-foss-eda
You may also use sympa's web interface for subscribing/unsubscribing:

The list archive is available in:

Please do not hesitate to invite other people to subscribe (and to attend the workshop!). To do so, they should send an empty email to, with the header: subscribe icalepcs2015-foss-eda Firstname Name

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